Tsunami Awareness Program (TAP) - Hawaii

Promoting Tsunami Awareness in Hawaii's Communities

The Tsunami Awareness Program (TAP) – Hawaii is the result of a collaborative partnership between Hawaii State Civil Defense and the Pacific Disaster Center with support from the TsunamiReady Program.

TAP – Hawaii, developed in 2012, expands upon a collection of existing tsunami awareness and preparedness resources to include Hawaii-specific examples, resources and templates, and provides instruction for their application.

The goal of the Tsunami Awareness Program is to enhance community resilience through a facilitated education and outreach program that promotes hazard understanding and awareness, and offers tools and information resources to guide preparedness and response.

The TAP Kit is designed to support the community outreach activities of Hawaii State Civil Defense to promote tsunami awareness and strengthen the capacity of Hawaii residents to prepare for and respond to tsunami events. A further intent of the TAP is to make materials easily accessible to the public to foster tsunami awareness and guide community preparedness efforts with the ultimate goal of building long-term resilience to this hazard.

Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness Resources
Tsunami Characteristics
Safety Tips
Personal Preparedness
Tsunami Detection and Warning Systems
Emergency Planning and Procedures
Emergency Planning for Businesses
Guidelines for Risk Reduction
Tsunami Mitigation
Tsunami Modeling

Resources for Educators
Tsunami Curricula
Additional Educational Materials
Tsunami Awareness Program (TAP) - Hawaii